Distance learning

Classes at the university in a mixed form of education are conducted using the platform of the Educational Portal of the Dnieper State Medical University moodle.dma.dp.ua section 222 "Medicine", 5 course, pediatrics, pediatrics 2.

Preparation for a practical lesson according to the schedule

1. Study of theoretical questions:

- Nelson Textbook of "Pediatrics" 20th ed./ Ed. by R. Kleigman, Bonita M D Stanton, Josehp St Geme, Nina F Schor// 3888p.


- methodical developments for practical training (website of the department, section "Training materials") https://420.dmu.edu.ua/home/english/training-materials

2. Solving situational tasks (see tasks in the MOODLE)

Answers must be posted in MOODLE for evaluation no later than 8:00 p.m. on the eve of the practical lesson.

On the day of the lesson to join the conference by following the link according to the schedule.